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Between 1918-21, at a time of great industrial hardship and unrest, British Trades Unions achieved significant advantages for working people. These advantages came after a prolonged period of fatalities and accidents among working people engaged in making a living for themselves and their families. These advantages came at huge cost to those who fought so hard for them.

George Osborne’s latest pipe dream would have us believe that these hard earned rights are worth no more than a few shares in an employer’s company some ninety years further on. If you think I exaggerate, spare a few moments to consider these advantages, and how  today’s working generations take them for granted?

During the period I mention, the working week was reduced, in general terms, from 54 hours to 48. It did, however, remain legal until 1937 for employers to insist on a 60 hour week in non-textile factories with up to 600…

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