For a short period back in 2008 there was a blog published by the name of Civil Serf, Civil Serf was pretty much an insignificant blog written by a civil service middle manager but had a habit of upsetting a few people. Since those few people tended to be senior civil servants in the Department of Work and Pensions and government ministers it was not long before Civil Serf was suspended and (I suspect) dismissed. Like Civil Serf, from whom I have plagiarised the title Public Serf I do not write under my own name, unlike Civil Serf I will try to make criticisms of individual politicians substantive rather than personal.

I am a relative nobody in public service, a trade union representative, a Labour Party member and a socialist. This blog gives me an opportunity to exercise my article 19 UDHR rights while limiting the likelihood that I will be sacked for expressing these. My name is Stephen and I have worked for both the civil service and local government, you don’t need to know any more!

As civil serf showed government is made up of some ineffectual and highly narcissistic individuals – that is not a party political point. I have had the opportunity to see some very poor Labour ministers at work and, likewise, seen some highly competent Conservatives, even though I detest their politics. Neither does this blog signal that I am not a professional – my job is to implement to the best of my ability the policies and directions of our elected leaders – however toxic those policies may be. Unless the BNP and their ilk gain power at which point I will already have resigned from my post I will continue to serve elected leaders impartially (or, at least, as impartially as I can).

Finally, just in case I need to state the blindingly obvious nothing I write is to be taken as representative of my views of my employer, whomever that may be although it may represent the views of my trade union.

And that, dear readers, is The Public Serf.


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